Our technicians:


Are expert witnesses regarding…RADAR

Train officers to operate…RADAR

(notice a trend)?

We Service and Certify:

The Certification Process

Some radar certification companies think all you have to do is wave a magic wand at a radar and it’s certified! At WRC, We don’t think so!

That’s why in our certifications we take the time and effort to use a highly accurate frequency counter and audio source, traceable back to the National Institute of Standards, making sure you have the most defendable radar certification possible

Services Performed

At Western Reserve Communications, we can put the “get” back in “target!” We offer a full traceable calibration facility covering X, K, and Ka band radars. We offer on-site calibration for the larger users. WRC knows your radar and radar trail as well. We service all newer models and most older models also. Yes, we do know Kustom, Decatur and MPH radars! If you need an expert witness, we can help you with our court experienced technicians who have over 25 years in the business.

Whatever your needs WRC has your radar answers!